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Smart Phones and the use of Internet through mobile devices for finding information are now integrated into our daily lives. During the past two years Marinet studies, develops and consolidates applications for the two most popular platforms Apple and Android and holds a prominent position enhanced by the travel guides, professional guides and the reservation management system CosmoRes.

Mobile & Tablet Apps for Hotels

In the age of digital information mobile applications for hotels are finally here, making your business stronger than ever.
Applications for a hotel or hotel chain with technical features which will satisfy every user
As technology progresses things become smaller and easier to handle.
Statistics show a dramatic increase of mobile users who search for business and services over their smart phones or tablets.Marinet has successfully created its own mobile app with travel guides and can create your own mobile & tablet app.

Marinet Travel Guides

The Marinet online travel guides combine a website and an application that will provide you with all the necessary information about each destination and all its attractions.

The Mobile Travel To Guides provide you with a range of services.

Marinet has been the leader in the Greek market creating a complete set of Travel Guides available in mobile apps.
Our applications include Greece’s most popular destinations and we continue to improve and grow our portfolio of areas around the country.
Light, easy to use and with all the necessary information, our travel guide apps can help your property get more visibility!Marinet Online Travel Guides