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Web Promotions

  •     Travel Guides

Marinet owns more than 30 travel portals including a website that is ranking high on daily visits.

We can create a competitive promotional package that will increase your visibility and reservation potential.

Social Media

…promote your hotel
Hotel Social Media Marketing is how hotels join the digital conversation in order to get more customers in the future by enhancing their e-reputation, and therefore product/service perceived value toward targeted group of people. Recent reports show that client behavior is affected by social media as they have gradually replaced word of mouth.

  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr, Flickr and many more…

We can create and handle your social media presence and actively promote your hotel.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay Per Click campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Trip Connect, Google hotel finder.Do you know how to treat each of this advertising tool?

Trust us to guide you along the path of internet promotion and get the best out of each campaign without exceeding your budget.


We do awesome videos for you!It has come as a surprize to the many but YouTube ranks nr.2 in searches of all kind of services.
This has lead a number of companies from various industries to start investing on YouTube.
We can create your own video, your YouTube channel or a targeted campaign


Once a guest, always a guestDo you communicate with your client after check out?

Do you know how to handle guest loyalty and create repeat customers?

We can provide you with all the necessary tools and information in order to cultivate loyalty at your hotel and maximize your connection with guests that already experienced your product and service and make them want to visit your hotel again.


The best way to learn about your hotel is to listen to your guests.
You can make a list and create a questionnaire.

Let us make sure that you ask the right questions and that your guest will answer them.
Improve customer satisfaction.
Improve your services.

Be on the front line.


Let them know !

Maybe one of the most traditional ways of communication with existing and future clients.
But do you know how to create a newsletter that your clients will be interested to open and read?

Newsletters will most probably will never get out of fashion as a means of communication.
Let us show you the way to communicate more effectively.


Concierge … become an e-concierge …

Give the right information not just about your hotel but also about your area, places of interest, history, restaurants, bars, beaches, walks, interesting sites and many more to your guest through your website.

Become an e-concierge, providing information that will help your guest have a complete and enjoyable experience while staying at your hotel.

Our Skills

With seventeen years of experience, Marinet specializes in the following sectors:

Web Design
Marketing tools
Mobile apps