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Our Company

Marinet is one of the leading companies for Internet presentation, in the tourism area! Marinet has a portfolio for more than 1000 hotel units, while its travel guides are always on the first page of the search engines. With several hits to her credit, our company continues its expansion and remodels her profile for complying with the new developments of the electronic age.

GDS, IDS, Social Media, Rate Parity, Mobile Apps, SEO…
and Reservations, Sales, Loyalty…
Can you handle it?
We can!

Do you want to know how ?

With fifteen years of experience, Marinet specializes in the following sectors:

  • Web Design
  • Travel Guides design and promotion
  • Professional Guides design and promotion (Vres.gr, Engineer.gr, HotelSupplier.gr)
  • Independent portal, Holiday.gr with all destinations around Greece
  • The innovative online reservation system COSMORES
  • Mobile Applications
  • Internet marketing: through social media, google adwords campaigns, SEO campaigns, etc.
  • Web Services: services such as hosting, domain names, Content Management System, etc

Marinet’s networking communication tools will help your company gain its own mark on the internet, have progressively better results and increased sales.

Marinet is the most integrated solution for your company’s profile on the internet!

It’s not just about doing one thing right. We have the tools, the procedures and the people.
We have the “key” to fill your hotel.

Our Services

We have been around for 15 years. We are continuously tracking what works, the latest trends, what pushes the business forward.
We have stayed focused on the hotel industry and we have analyzed it to the bone. We know the big picture and we know the details.

Our services cover the entire spectrum giving your business a complete 360⁰ cycle and a success story.

Website, CRS, Revenue management, Marketing tools and Mobile apps.

We have what it takes, we have implement it, we have seen it in action and we know it works. The question is, do you want more?


Maximize direct bookings via your hotel website
Distribute across channels such as GDS and IDS
Reach more than 650.000 travel agents and corporations
BOOKING ENGINE Gain a strategic advantage!

Our Portfolio